Best Times To Post On Social Media In 2023

The secret to optimizing the impact of your posts on social media is understanding when your audience is most engaged there. 

When deciding on the best combination for your business, be sure to leverage the data that are relevant to your platform. Match these moments with valuable, consistently appealing material.

Your social media reach and engagement will increase this year with the appropriate posting schedule.

While every audience is different, research indicates that publishing on major platforms like FacebookInstagramTwitter and LinkedIn at particular times of day and on particular days of the week often results in the most interaction.

Here are the ideal times for marketers to consider posting content on the major social Media in 2023:

1. Best Times to Post on Facebook

In 2023, weekday and midday usage of Facebook peaked. You may reach individuals during their lunch break on social media by posting from Wednesday through Friday. After 5 PM, there is also greater interaction.

Tips for posting in Facebook : 

  • Fewer people check Facebook on weekends, so weekdays tend to perform better.
  • Post consistently around the same times to condition your audience.
  • Use Facebook Analytics to find your followers’ top hours for engagement.
  • Test posting right when your audience wakes up to catch them during scroll time.
  • Mix up text, image, and video posts for optimal variety.

2. Best Times to Post on Instagram

Peak Instagram usage tends to occur early in the week and late in the workday. Posting on Monday and Thursday mornings focuses on those who check their feeds at the beginning of the week or just after hump day. then once again in the evening after dinner.

Tips for posting in Instagram : 

  • Usage spikes in the morning, after work, and before bed – capitalize on those periods.
  • Keep an eye on what types of content (stories vs feed posts) perform best at different times.
  • Review Instagram Insights to analyze your followers’ activity patterns.
  • Be cautious of overposting – space out your content for ideal frequency.
  • Use planning tools to queue some posts in advance for hectic days.

3. Best Times to Post on LinkedIn

Morning and evening drive times are ideal for LinkedIn. Professionals check LinkedIn as they commute to start the workday on Tuesday and Wednesday. Late afternoon also sees high traffic as they head home.

  Tips for posting in LinkedIn : 

  • Late mornings and lunch hours are also decent times for engagement.
  • Use social media analytics tools to identify when your audience is online.
  • B2B brands should focus on morning and evening drive times.
  • Test sharing posts multiple times per day – varying by role and location.
  • Keep posts timely and relevant to the professional audience on LinkedIn.

4. Best Times to Post on Twitter

The best times to use Twitter are between lunch and downtime on weekdays between 12 and 3 p.m. specifically Monday through Thursday in the early afternoon

  Tips for posting in Twitter : 

  • Very early mornings can also work to catch people during their commute.
  • TwitterAnalytics provides your specific followers’ hours of high activity.
  • Remember time zones – adjust timing for your different audiences.
  • Posts underperform on weekends, especially Sunday, so stick to weekdays.
  • Retweet others and engage in discussions to increase community interaction.

Let’s summarize

While your particular audience may have different habits, these general best times can optimize your social media efforts in 2023

Be sure to test different days and times and leverage your platform analytics to determine what resonates best with your followers. Consistency and high-quality content remain king – but posting when your community is most active online will help maximize your impact.

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